Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh the roll of sticky lovliness!

Here it is ladies and gentleman my very first tip and trick goes to the cleaning department! 

A lint roller to clean lampshades!

I had a friend helping me clean my house that's been a professional home cleaner for years! She saw me trying to clean my lampshades with a rag and said... Do you have a lint roller? Roll those bad boys clean. It was life changing!!! In seconds all the dust and cat hair was gone. Just be careful the first time to see how your shade handles it. I have one that is textured and it's too powerful and lifts the shade off its base but the others takes me literally seconds to clean now. FYI it also works on different surfaces like curtains so try it around your house see what other difficult to clean things it will work with. And if you don't have a lint roller use duct tape rolled into a ring on your hand. I hope this helps save you some time. Are there any other uses, other then the obvious, that you use your lint roller for? I would love to know. Leave a comment below :)

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