Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pick and choose wisely.

A long time ago I read something that really rocked my world and opened my eyes on something that I needed to have more understanding and wisdom in. Every person comes in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. Now with this being said I often get confused or even hope and pray that someone is one or the other but then normally God sheds some light on my happy thoughts and shows me that the people I thought were lifetime were in fact seasons or even reasons. I have to admit that in the beginning of that realization I often end up hurt but that's my own doing. 

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But when God reveals what people are in your life it takes so much off of my heart. So when you have people in your life, guard your heart, they may be there for just a season of life, maybe there is a specific reason they are there and then they will be gone and then when you are blessed to find the few people that God gives you for a lifetime, love them, cherish them and hold them close. As iron sharpens iron a friend sharpens a friend. Don't throw your eggs in baskets with holes.

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